How can I teach my children to communicate what they need and their opinions but let them know that we have the final say as a parent?

What are your thoughts on spanking and do you think that spanking your child introduces them to violence?

How can you create a heart connection with your older children when there has not been any?

How do you handle a screaming child when you have tried time outs and nothing seems to work?

What do you do when there is no choice: like our child has to listen or they will get hurt?



What do healthy boundaries look like with the opposite sex?

How does a man step into the role of a pursuer if that role is foreign to him and how can women respond to being pursued?

How do you deal with someone's sexual history and when should you talk about it?

How does sex before marriage effect your relationship?

How do you know when you're ready for marriage or that the person you are dating is the one you should marry?



How does honor effect the people around me?

Are you unpunishable?

What are covenant relationships, and how do I keep my love turned on?

What is a Culture of Honor?

What is the top priority of leadership?