Loving On Purpose

Our vision is To help create a world where children are never afraid in their own homes. 


The origins of Loving On Purpose (LOP) come from living and working in the realities that people who are hurting usually hurt other people. In working with individuals and families who are in crisis, I’ve learned that the most common occurrences of abusive behaviors come when the stress of someone’s life exceeds their information, abilities or education to deal with that stress. LOP exists to develop and distribute powerful, fun and engaging ways to help people create, heal and strengthen vital connections in their lives. We've helped millions of people change the way they see themselves and their relationships. We are changing the way we operate so we can touch more lives. More people need to know that there is hope to heal their most important relationships and more people need to be broadcasting this message. LOP will be leading the way in doing both. Thanks for joining us!