Questions for Jesus

Introducing Tony Stoltzfus

Hey everyone! Meet the man, the myth, the legend—Tony Stoltzfus. 

Tony is a brilliant leadership coach who helps people overcome the constraints and obstacles that keeping them from living and leading from the heart. He’s also a great teacher and a dear friend. 

One of Tony’s best and most accessible tools is Questions for Jesus, a prayer model that reframes and refocuses your relationship with God in a way that will transform the way you connect to God, others, and yourself. 

We are thrilled that Tony has teamed up with the Loving on Purpose Life Academy to bring you the Questions for Jesus eCourse. Tony has thoughtfully designed this course to be highly practical and interactive. Anyone who goes through it will not only become proficient in using the Questions for Jesus model—I know they will also receive some profound and personal insights into who Jesus is, how He sees them, and the relationship He wants to have with them. 

Questions for Jesus will come out April 24th! We can’t wait for you to join Tony on this journey!   

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P.S. We’ll be releasing more details about Question for Jesus in the coming weeks! Sign up here to join our waiting list so you can stay in the know.