Let's Be Powerful Women

Jesus and the gospel empower women to be fully themselves and mature as spiritual leaders, but historically the body of Christ has struggled to create a culture that encourages and facilitates this. In this vlog, I (Sheri) chat with my friend Lauren Hasson, founder of Lifestreams Ministries, about how to walk faithfully in the power and leadership calling God has given us in every cultural environment.

How to manage yourself when someone doesn’t repent

What do you do when you’ve confronted someone close to you about a way they are hurting or violating your relationship and they refuse to repent? In these situations, we are most tempted to move into the role of judge, punisher, or controller—but the moment we do is the moment we begin to violate the relationship ourselves. In this vlog, I explain why we must choose the path of forgiveness, self-control, and courageous honesty when someone we love is unrepentant. Watch here!

The Power of a Feedback-Loving Team

The Power of a Feedback-Loving Team

We won’t be powerful in learning to exchange feedback until we consistently pursue growth and connection over self-protection. This is why it is critical to surround and align ourselves with people who share this goal!

Introducing Carla Chud and The Pathway to Powerful

Introducing Carla Chud and The Pathway to Powerful

Honor, like love, is an experience we create through specific practices. If leaders don’t cultivate these practices—first in their own lives, then on their teams, and then throughout their organizations—they cannot hope to foster a culture of honor. 

Share the Power

Becoming a student of your child

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Share the Power</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Becoming a student of your child</h5>

It takes time, attention and wisdom. We need to become students of who our kids are. The best way to prepare our children to handle the multitude of options they will have as children of the king of kings is to invest in developing heart to heart connection. This connection replaces the disrespect factory and introduces the honor factory.