How to manage yourself when someone doesn’t repent

What do you do when you’ve confronted someone close to you about a way they are hurting or violating your relationship and they refuse to repent? In these situations, we are most tempted to move into the role of judge, punisher, or controller—but the moment we do is the moment we begin to violate the relationship ourselves. In this vlog, I explain why we must choose the path of forgiveness, self-control, and courageous honesty when someone we love is unrepentant. Watch here!

How does porn affect your relationship?

Many people today see using porn as either harmless, or at least a victimless crime. In reality, it is addictive and harmful to yourself and your relationships. In this vlog, I will describes the classic effects of porn and how we need to approach them.

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PS- I will talk in later vlogs on what to do with the damage and how to heal!

3 Obstacles Every Married Couple Needs to Overcome

Listening to fear led me to see Ben as an opponent, not a partner. I had to fight that internal battle to ignore fear and listen to the spirit of love so I could see, “You are not the obstacle in our marriage—you are my partner in overcoming the obstacles.” 

Who’s in Your “God Spot”?

Who’s in Your “God Spot”?

Getting this priority relationship right is the key to getting our relationships with ourselves and others right. One of the most obvious signs that God is in our God Spot is that our relationships start to grow and flourish. Conversely, one of the biggest signs that God is not in our God Spot is that our relationships are out of order.