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Share the Power

Becoming a student of your child

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Share the Power</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Becoming a student of your child</h5>

It takes time, attention and wisdom. We need to become students of who our kids are. The best way to prepare our children to handle the multitude of options they will have as children of the king of kings is to invest in developing heart to heart connection. This connection replaces the disrespect factory and introduces the honor factory.

Guidelines to Choices

Giving life tools to your children

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Guidelines to Choices</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Giving life tools to your children</h5>

There are basically 3 guidelines for setting limits with choices. Choices are a way for us to empower our children. We expose them to the real world of responsibility by offering choices-lots of choices. I derived these guidelines from the “Becoming a love and logic parent” materials.

Becoming a Family of World Changers

It all starts at home

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Becoming a Family of World Changers</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">It all starts at home</h5>

There is a war happening in the spiritual world, and it is manifesting in today’s politics, economy, natural disasters, terrorism, sickness and disease and more. I bet you can feel it. We have an entire culture of overreach and abuse by the government—executive orders and legislation are stripping us of our freedoms.

Parenting Sexuality

The art of developing a healthy sexual culture

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Parenting Sexuality</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">The art of developing a healthy sexual culture</h5>

The Sexual Revolution that emerged as a counterculture movement in the 60s has become the mainstream mindset of the new millennium. What was once whispered in the dark corners of topless bars is taught in mandated public school curricula all across America! That’s right, folks, if your children are in the public school system, they are likely to end up in a “Health” class teaching them that bisexual, homosexual, and transgender lifestyles are all normal expressions of their sexuality.

How To Parent By Participation

Every child is unique

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">How To Parent By Participation</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Every child is unique</h5>

I have visited South Korea only twice in my life, once shortly after The Shack was released in Korea and the second time after Cross Roads. I don’t speak as an expert in anything Korean; I am only able to offer some observations from an outsider. I will say that I am personally deeply and devastatingly familiar with the power of performance orientation and ‘face’ (the need to protect the family from shame at any cost), that also pervades the Korean culture.

Building Connection with Your Children

Keys to creating a lifelong bond

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Building Connection with Your Children</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Keys to creating a lifelong bond</h5>

When my parents got married, became believers, and had children, they agreed that they didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of their own parents. My grandparents, aunts, and uncles were all good people, but they didn’t understand how to build relational connection.

Parenting is About Modeling

5 Values to Instill in Your Kids

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Parenting is About Modeling</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">5 Values to Instill in Your Kids</h5>

For me, the greatest of all privileges in life is to be a parent. It is the great call of God on my life that I never take for granted. It is with fear and trembling, along with joy and adventure, that Beni and I have embraced this assignment for our lives.

How to Love Our Adult Children With Purpose.

...Because living with their choices isn't always easy

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">How to Love Our Adult Children With Purpose.</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">...Because living with their choices isn't always easy</h5>

After writing a bestselling book on parenting, called Loving our kids on purpose, more and more people have asked. “When are you going to write a book about how to deal with our adult children?” It’s a great question, and as soon as I have it figured out, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’d like to have a heart-to-heart talk with parents of adult children.