Our fourteen-plus years of marriage have been a wild ride filled with surprises—some wonderful and some painful. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, and made our share of poor choices with money and with our heart. But “till death do us part” means that no matter what comes our way, we promise to stick it out until the end and give it our best effort! We still both agree that marriage is the best decision we ever made. 

We have spent many years working in ministries, but mostly not together. It’s thrilling to finally have the opportunity to partner together not just at home but in the world of work and ministry. After years of sitting under phenomenal leaders and being closely mentored by Brittney’s parents, Danny and Sheri Silk, we are now embarking on the journey of helping those we both feel called and anointed to help. 

Relationships, marriage, and family are a large focus of our whole family. Even our children have identified that this is part of what it means to be a Serpell. Our Family Culture Creed, which we created with our children, states multiple times in different ways how we were created to help people love each other. That is really our goal— that we would be a place where those looking for hope, strength, and tools to strengthen their relationships can find them. 

If you are looking for ways to strengthen your connections with your spouse or children and build a firm foundation for your family culture, we can help! In our one-hour coaching sessions, you will receive practical, powerful tools and resources to overcome relational challenges and bring healthy connection and momentum to your family relationships. 

We look foward to meeting you and helping you thrive in all of  your relationships. 

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- Ben & Brittney Serpell


Your sessions will be 50 minutes in length. sessions are done by video call or phone. In your sessions with Ben or Brittney you will have the opportunity to:

  • Improve relational connection

  • Identify feelings and needs

  • Practice courageous communication skills

  • Assess destructive cycles

  • Encourage new thinking patterns

  • Root out discouraging/destructive lies 

  • Identify and practice powerful truths

  • Practice living from a true identity as a child of God

  • Learn to understand yourself better

  • Begin to build effective listening skills

  • Understand other people & family members better


Ben and Brittney have had a profound impact on us over the last couple of years. They lead by example in healthy communication, loving your family well, and authenticity. They have been a safe place of strength and insight for us to go deep and be vulnerable about sex, parenting, communication, and extended family relationships. All our significant relationships have flourished and benefited greatly from their investment in us. Our family has gone to a new level of intentionality, vision, and purpose. Ben and Brittney have done so well at believing in us and seeing us the way that God sees us, which has increased our faith to do great things together.

- Abe & Kandice

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