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We have found that there are three main areas that we all need relational tools: Relationships, not just romantic but with your friends and day to day aquantances. Leadership, whether it be at your job or church, and Parenting, we all could us some extra tools when it comes to raising powerful people.  Dive into each of these areas and you will find all kinds if helpful tools to help you thrive relationally.

I take your little messages about Loving on Purpose with me every day/night when I go to work in a drug and alcohol detox clinic and rehab. I use your wisdom from God to apply love to these broken people. I have been able to reach some of the angriest clients and help them begin the journey of change.
— Ralph







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Our team at Loving on Purpose has compiled many blogs on what it looks like to walk out the concepts that you will find at the foundation of our organization.


We also have a fantastic podcast where Danny sits down with real couples, leaders and parents and walks out how to bring changes to their relational situations. How to empliment the tools found in his book Keep Your Love On. Its a great place to start if you are new to Loving on Purpose.

Keep Your Love On! carries a timeless and undying message of God’s unconditional love and wisdom in relationships. This message is particularly pertinent at a time when love is often understood as a feeling rather than a choice. Hope and healing will be released as you read this book. Read it individually, read it with your family, read it in a group, but read it! Many have been touched and changed.
— Barry & Lori Byrne

Connect with Others

Community heals the soul.

Until you commit to the goal of connection, all the relational tools in the world are not going to help you. It’s only when you decide to take responsibility to pursue connection that you will discover just why you need these tools. It’s only when you commit to moving toward someone that you will seek the knowledge and skills necessary to reach them. 

My husband and I attended the KYLO conference as a last chance for our marriage, we had already filled out and were ready to sign divorce papers when we got back. This event changed everything for our marriage and we walked out feeling connected and ready to keep that connection going in or marriage.
— Anonymous