Day two: Facing Fear

The challenge in this journey is that it involves repeatedly confronting the root of powerlessness in our hearts – fear.  Specifically, because we live in a fallen world where, starting in childhood we all experience various degrees and types of relational pain, we all carry instinctive fear-driven reactions – fight, flight or freeze – that get triggered when we encounter the threat of more relational pain, whether that threat is real or imagined.

These fear-driven reactions all have the same goal – self-protection – which is fundamentally at odds with the primary goal of love and relationships – connection.

From The Pathway to Powerful, Chapter Two “Confronting Powerlessness”


How does fear drive powerless behavior?

1 John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment.”  How does fear war against love?


Take an honest look at yourself.  What are you most afraid of in your relationships?

How does that fear affect your ability to build strong connections with those around you?

When that fear is triggered, what are the ways you usually choose to self-protect?  (Examples could include withdrawal, anger, silent treatment, accusation, guilt, and manipulations.)


Take some time to pray through your fear and confess it to God. As you offer Him your fear, ask for an encounter with His perfect love that will permanently cast fear out of your life.  


Father, I invite the perfect love of heaven into my life that casts out all fear. I desire to live fully free in my relationships in a way that allows Your love to flow to me, meeting me in the deepest places, and then flow through me, so that those around me can feel unafraid and fully loved in my presence.

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