Day three: Significance

The desire and need for significance is hidden in all of us. This is simply a desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to have impact, leave a legacy, or achieve something with our lives. It is a healthy, God-given desire. However, this desire becomes a source of shame when we live more aware of our insignificance than our worth.  

When we live out of insignificance, we will attempt to build success in our own strength, and according to the world’s definition of success, to fulfill the desire we carry for greatness. We aim for position and promotion, bigger houses, nicer cars, and bigger paychecks. We want to be friends with all the “right” people, to be good at something, or be the expert in the room—all to prove to ourselves and others that we are someone of worth and value.

From The Pathway to Powerful, Chapter Four “Becoming a Powerful Leader”


What does it mean to you to have a desire for significance? Do you recognize that desire in yourself?


Take a moment for honest reflection. What are the things that make you feel significant or successful? How do you measure success for others?

What have you built in your life in a search for success? Has any of it come out of a need to feel significant or worthy of value?

Consider Mark 10:43-45: “You are to lead by a different model. If you want to be the greatest one, then live as one called to serve others. The path to promotion and prominence comes by having the heart of a bond-slave who serves everyone. For even the Son of Man did not come expecting to be served by everyone, but to serve everyone and give his life as the ransom price in exchange for the salvation of many.” (TPT)

How is this a different measure of significance? 

If greatness is measured in the Kingdom by having the heart of a servant, how do we get to the place where that is a true desire of our heart, especially when so much of our life has been given to pursuing an external measure of success?


Take some time alone with God and begin to ask Him “Father, how am I significant to you?  What do You say about me?  What is the greatness that You see in my life?” 


Father, I admit that I have a desire for significance.  I want to discover who You truly made me to be and live fully alive in Your plan for my life. Forgive me for any way that I have gone searching for significance outside of who You say I am. Forgive me for any way that I have attempted to build external success to try and prove my value or my worth. I ask that You would continue to reveal to me who You have created me to be. I ask that You would speak to the need for significance that I carry in my heart so that I can truly live with the heart of a servant.

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