Expectation and Expectancy


Expectation & Expectancy - Disc 1

Danny Silk teaches on the difference between living in expectancy and putting God in a box with our expectations. Expectancy is based on the track record of His goodness in our lives and the understanding that He is the best Father we could ask for. When we have expectant hearts, we anticipate God's goodness for our future, regardless of what that might look like. If we don't live in expectancy, we create a box with our expectations and lists of what we think God can and cannot do. This trap of expectations leads to limitation, lack and control. If you stay in a place of expectancy, He'll show you beyond your wildest dreams what an abundant life can look like!


Forgiveness from the Heart - DIsc 2

Danny Silk teaches on the importance of forgiveness in community with others and with God. When you experience pain, disappointment, or a breach in a relationship, you have to decide how you want to respond to the situation. The purpose of forgiveness is to demonstrate love in your actions towards others and to experience peace in your heart.